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Hearing loss is a journey and it is uniquely different for everyone despite similarities and common themes.
You are not alone.
The stories below are people just like you who were experiencing the challenges of hearing loss and hoping to find an improvement.
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“One of the most appealing things about the Esteem implant is that it is fully implantable without any exterior components. Being able to keep my device on at night provides a safety net so I can hear 24/7. I can now hear people better and more clearly without relying solely on lip-reading. When I hug someone, I don’t need to be worried it’ll produce feedback. I love being able to wear in-the-ear headphones while on the phone or being able to listen to music without having to turn the volume all the way up. I am able to be in water or get caught in the rain AND be able to hear the people around me. It has given me a new way of hearing and living.”

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Ashley Derrington, 30
Esteem implant in left ear since 2011

“I chose the Esteem implant for the freedom and lifestyle it provides. As a cross country and soccer coach, any sweat and moisture used to muffle the sound and damage hearing aids. Now, life with the Esteem is so flexible, it’s liberating. Now when I coach cross country, I can run with the kids AND talk to them at the same time. If I want to play soccer with my son in the summer, I just do it. I've taken my kids snorkeling in Florida and could hear them talking under water. I can hug my wife without feedback. After 20 years in hearing aids and having all of my environment filtered and digitized, to hear real, full bodied, unadulterated sound is intoxicating.”

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Ryan Smith, 48
Esteem implants in both ears starting 2012

 “With my Esteem implants, I was able to hear noises that I had never experienced before. I can now watch television comfortably. I can take most of my calls either on speaker or with my cell phone volume set to the lowest setting. I found the Esteem implant most appealing because it required no maintenance.”

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Nacho Avila, 43
Esteem implants in both ears starting 2017

“I’ve had moderate to progressive severe hearing loss since I was 8 years old. I was never able to adapt to wearing hearing aids and instead learned to live with hearing impairment for more than 50 years. My Esteem implant brought me out of a quiet world and drew me back into an active, fulfilling retirement. I took flying lessons when I was 60 and now, at the age of 71, I can still recreationally fly my plane. I can hear and participate in conversations without having to read lips. I enjoy and appreciate music. My young grandchildren no longer sound muffled. It has truly changed my life.”


Jeannine Young, 71
Esteem implant in right ear since 2010

“I chose the Esteem because it gave me natural hearing without the use of a microphone. Being able to hear with my Esteem implants dramatically impacted my education because I was able to hear and follow my professors in high school and college without having to follow-up after class to go over material I didn’t hear correctly or hear at all. I was able to participate, ask questions, and be fully engaged with confidence in the classroom. In addition, I was able to take notes at the same time I was listening without having to read the professor’s lips. It has had a huge impact on my social life and relationships with others and I now feel like I fit in without the stigma of wearing hearing aids.”

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Colton Simpson, 26
Esteem implants in both ears starting 2011