Father with a family history of hearing loss is the happiest he’s ever been with the Esteem® implant


“My kids’ lives are better, my fiancé’s life is better, all of our lives are in a better place."

Despite coming from a family with a history of hearing loss, Brent went through high school as a confident student-athlete with a broad social group.  It wasn't until his late 20’s that he started to experience hearing loss,  and says “it created challenges that I wasn’t quite prepared for." Brent waited as long as he possibly could to get hearing aids.  

Brent struggled with the hearing aids and became a follower in the workplace. After finding the Esteem implant, he is now is a leader in his workplace and a business owner.   "When it comes to the activities of daily living:  working out, taking a shower, going to the beach or just sleeping, those are things that I couldn’t do with a hearing aid," said Brent. "Now, life is more enjoyable. My family’s life is better."

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Brent received the product through participation in a clinical trial.