The Esteem® Implant


Invisible and true 24/7 hearing using your own ear:

The Esteem® active middle ear implant (AMEI) is the only FDA-approved, fully implanted* hearing device for adults diagnosed with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss allowing for 24/7 hearing capability using the ear's natural anatomy. The Esteem hearing implant is invisible and requires no externally worn components and nothing is placed in the ear canal for it to function. Unlike hearing aids, you never put it on or take it off. You can't lose it. You don't clean it. In fact, you rarely think about it - the Esteem hearing implant offers true 24/7 hearing.

*Once activated, the external Esteem Personal Programmer is not required for daily use.

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There are some real-life gaps between needing to hear 24/7 and managing the care of an external device.
  • Inability to use when experiencing ear canal irritation, discomfort, or infection
  • Unable to use when swimming, exercising, showering, sleeping, or in inclement weather
  • Uncomfortable feedback when it’s windy outside or when you take a nap
  • Frequent and inconvenient battery replacement/recharging
  • Time without a device due to device component breakdown and necessary maintenance and repairs due to issues such as ear wax, moisture, dust, and frequent use.

How does it work?
The Esteem Middle Ear Implant

The Esteem Implant is the world’s first and only completely internal hearing device that works with your ear’s anatomy to let sound in similar to the way nature intended. Unlike hearing aids, which use an artificial microphone, the Esteem technology uses the eardrum as a microphone allowing the ear canal to remain open. The device’s three components work together with the ear’s anatomy to let sound in similar to the way nature intended.

  • Esteem Sensor
  • Esteem Sound Processor
  • Esteem Driver
Esteem's Natural Hearing

Sound enters your outer ear and funnels down your ear canal causing your eardrum to vibrate. All as nature intended.

  • The Esteem Sensor then converts the vibrations into electrical signals that are sent to the implanted Esteem Sound Processor.
  • The Esteem Sound Processor receives, adjusts and intensifies the signals to fit your unique hearing needs.
  • The Esteem Driver translates these customized signals to intensified vibrations. The vibrations are transferred to the inner ear where the cochlea cells are stimulated, causing you to hear more natural sound.
  • The external Personal Programmer lets you make adjustments for the specific hearing situation. (not shown)
“After my [Esteem] implant, I decided to run for Mrs. Nebraska, and that’s something that I never would’ve done before I got the implant. I had the confidence to stand up on stage and speak to numerous people about my implant and how it affected my life.”

A Better Mom,
Mrs. America Post-Esteem Implant

“The Esteem implant has been 'invaluable.' I understand people in meetings better than ever before.”

Father and Golf Enthusiast Improves Quality of Life with Esteem

“The Envoy, frankly, gives me far greater clarity. And what’s really important to me is that it’s in my ear turned on 24/7 and I can go and jump off a sailboat if I need to without worrying about forgetting to take my hearing aids off . . .”

Businessman and Water Sports Enthusiast, North Carolina

 "I call the Esteem the no worry device. There’s no worry about batteries - whether you have a spare battery in your pocket or it goes dead unexpectedly. There’s nothing to drop; there’s nothing to break. To me this is one of those priceless items.”

Wannabe Cowgirl, Ohio


The information presented or discussed is for general information purposes and may not be representative of all patient outcomes. It is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice and should not be interpreted to contain treatment recommendations. Each person’s situation is unique, and risks, outcomes, experience, and results may vary. Talk to your healthcare professional about which product or treatment may be right for you. Please see complete product instructions for use, including all product indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and adverse events. Please view important safety information These individuals received the product through participation in a clinical trial.

A Personal Programmer is given to you after the device is activated, allowing you to make adjustments or turn the device on/off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As you explore whether the Esteem is right for you, here are the most common questions we receive about it.

Hearing loss is a journey and it is uniquely different for everyone despite similarities and common themes. It is important that you educate yourself on all of your options and become your best hearing health advocate.

The Esteem may not be the right solution for you, but on the other hand, maybe it is. Let us help you understand your hearing loss, weigh your options and locate hearing healthcare professionals committed to offering you a full spectrum of hearing solutions.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take the time to learn more and not just accept the status quo.

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