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Find resources below on how to use your Esteem® hearing implant, including:
  • How to use your personal programmer
  • Replacing your personal programmer
  • Protecting your Esteem device and personal programmer
  • Checking your hearing annually to fine-tune your personal programmer settings and/or make adjustments to your Esteem device
  • Questions about MRI
  • Next steps if your Esteem hearing implant is no longer helping you to hear as well as you could
Optimize Your Esteem
Get started with Esteem
Congratulations on being an Esteem recipient! Are you wondering how to use and adjust it? Watch this short video or read the guide below, which will walk you through how to use the personal programmer (i.e., "remote control").
Use Your Personal Programmer

Having trouble getting your personal programmer to work? Reach out to us and we will troubleshoot the issue with you.

We encourage you to use your personal programmer on a regular basis (or at least once per month). Adjusting your Esteem settings can improve some environments and you need to use the programmer in order to know when your battery is depleting and may need to be replaced.

Wondering whether the indicators on your personal programmer or battery are working? A steady light will display and and one beep will sound when you successfully change programs on it.

When the battery begins to deplete you will notice two beeps when changing programs and the light on the lower right of the remote will flash.  If this happens, contact us and we will help you locate the closest, lowest cost surgical site in your area for help replacing it.  When the device is completely depleted you will no longer be able to hear so you want to contact us as soon as you notice the battery depleting.

For more information, read the Personal Programmer Quick Reference Guide.

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Esteem Programmer Remote
Replacing Your Personal Programmer 

Your programmer comes with a one-year warranty. We can help you purchase a new programmer if yours is not working, is broken or lost.  The cost is $300. Please contact customer service at 800-460-7531 or email us

  • Upcoming MRI? Protect Your Esteem

    Do you have an upcoming MRI? Generally, the implanted components of the Esteem are MR Conditional and are safe for MRI scans under certain conditions.


    Bring the following to your MRI appointment:
    • Esteem ID card
    • Personal programmer
    During your MRI, please remember to turn off your Esteem implant.  Do not bring your programmer into the MRI room.
    To turn the Esteem off:

    1. Press the power on button at the base of the programmer
    2. Hold the programmer up to your head over your implant
    3. Press transmit (the face button on the very top of the remote)

    Repeat these steps to turn the device back on

    If you don’t have an Esteem ID card, you can request a replacement ID card. You will receive a new ID card after each Esteem surgery and battery change.

    Download and bring a copy of this Envoy Medical MRI Conditional Safety Information to your MRI appointment and give it to the radiologist.

  • Annual Audiogram

    The best care is preventative. Schedule an annual check-up with your Envoy Medical certified audiologist to fine-tune your hearing. An exclusive Envoy Medical Audiologist has the proper training and equipment to test and troubleshoot how your Esteem is performing to restore optimal hearing while avoiding total depletion of the battery.

    During this visit your audiologist can test your baseline audiogram (where your individual hearing is without the Esteem) to determine whether your hearing loss has progressed. If it has, the audiologist can adjust your device to suit your changing needs.

    CochlearImplants-1f32560dc7a8b6a8dda066176cf65244-632223 (1)
    What if my hearing loss changes over time?


    Sensorineural hearing loss can be progressive and worsen over time. While the Esteem hearing implant cannot prevent additional hearing loss (which is why hearing protection remains important), it can be programmed to adjust to your hearing loss needs over time. 

    If your hearing has progressed to the level of severe or profound hearing loss, you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. Fortunately, in most cases the Esteem procedure does not prevent patients from having a cochlear implant in the future.

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    We have exciting news! The FDA approved our Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application to begin clinical trials for our investigational Acclaim®, a fully implanted cochlear implant (FICI).
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