Using your Esteem Near Water, While Swimming, and While Showering

by Envoy Medical Staff Member, on August 17, 2017

A conventional hearing aid can’t get wet. As models climb in price and add new features, a user still risks destroying a hearing aid when enjoying the lake or showering. If you enjoy swimming, you’re forced with the single option of leaving the hearing aid on your towel, giving up your aided-hearing while swimming, and sacrificing your situational awareness.

Envoy Medical knows how frustrating and nerve-racking this aspect of hearing loss treatment can be, and thanks to the Esteem, our users no longer need to give up hearing around water.

swimming in pool

For all Esteem users, the transition from dry to wet environments is seamless. This summer when you’re at the pool teaching your kids to swim, or enjoying a run through the sprinkler during a hot day, don’t worry about remembering to take your hearing aid out or, on the other hand, being able to hear when your hearing aid isn’t in your ear because you don’t want it to get wet.

The Esteem can also handle extended durations of swimming with ease. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or snorkeling, the device will continue providing uninterrupted benefit. Hearing aids would never be able to tag along under water, but we’ve been cleared for up to 10 meters (30 feet) of submersion, so the only limitation you’ll have is how long you can hold your breath.

Although a surgery can be a big difference when considering the Esteem, the benefits of being fully implanted are clear when around water. Unlike a hearing aid, there’s no disruption to your life if you want to enjoy a refreshing swim, no risk of destroying your device if you’re half-awake in the morning and hop into the shower with your device on, and no disruption in your hearing even 30 feet under the surface. The implant may also have benefits in terms of gain and word discrimination, but having the new ability to have a perfectly uninterrupted day at the beach with family and friends cannot be quantified.

Want to enjoy life without being inhibited by water? Take the first step toward living a life with Esteem.

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