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Hear Life
as You Should

Envoy Medical is a leader in hearing solutions. Our products help people transcend hearing loss with invisible and true 24/7 hearing that uses the ear to pick up sound, naturally. Life is waiting, are you ready to hear it?

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15% of American adults (37.5 million) aged 18 and over report trouble hearing1

<1 in 3

Fewer than one in three (30 percent) of adults aged 70 and older have used hearing aids and even fewer adults aged 20 to 69 (approximately 16 percent) who could benefit from wearing hearing aids have used them2

1.4 to 4 MIL
Of the estimated 1.4 to 4 million potential users in the United States who could benefit from cochlear implants, only five percent of eligible candidates use cochlear implants.
Are you, a friend or a family member new to hearing loss?
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Have you used hearing aids and are looking for new, innovative hearing health solutions?
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Hearing Health Resource

Envoy Medical is a leader in hearing health and wants to provide insights to you, your friends and family and health professionals in navigating the full spectrum of hearing loss. We are committed to identifying and bringing best-in-class hearing health solutions to you no matter how complex the issue or whether we or a referral source is able to resolve it.

Hearing Aids 

Indicated for mild to moderate hearing loss. Let us help you navigate the wide range of options.

Middle Ear Implants

Indicated for a variety of hearing losses: sensorineural or conductive and active or passive. We pioneered the first fully implanted one and can help you assess whether a partial or full implant is right for you.

Bone Conduction Devices
Indicated for conductive and mixed hearing losses. These devices bypass hearing problems by sending sound vibrations directly to the inner ear through your skull bone.
Cochlear Implants

Indicated for severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. If hearing aids are no longer helping or you can hear in only one ear cochlear implants may help improve your hearing.

Test Your Hearing

Check your hearing in the comfort of your home with our online tool.

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Hear From Others
Hearing loss and how it impacts your life is personal. Everyone has a unique experience and no two stories are alike, but hearing from others can be reassuring and empowering. Watch these brief video testimonials to learn from real patients and real hearing healthcare professionals.

"After I got the [Esteem] implant, my life completely changed. I was finding myself going out in public more often, becoming much more social."

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From Mom to Mrs. America,

Implantee for Left: 14 Years
Right: 9 Years
"It's very difficult to swim with 5,000 other people and not be able to hear!"
Business Director, Tri-athlete, Father of Two, California

Implantee for 14 Years
“It’s changed how I interact with my kids, my community and really how I feel about myself, immensely. I feel like I have a new lease on life with this [the Esteem] device and I really, truly feel like I can do anything I want to do.”
Salesperson and Mother from Washington becomes Envoy Medical Hearing Counselor
Implantee for 14 Years
  1. Blackwell DL, Lucas JW, Clarke TC. Summary health statistics for U.S. adults: National Health Interview Survey, 2012 (PDF). National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat 10(260). 2014.
  2. Based on calculations by NIDCD Epidemiology and Statistics Program staff using data collected by (1) the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) annually for number of persons who have ever used a hearing aid [numerator], and (2) periodic NHANES hearing exams for representative samples of the U.S. adult and older adult population [denominator]; these statistics are also used for tracking Healthy People 2010 and 2020 objectives. See also Use of Hearing Aids by Adults with Hearing Loss (chart).
  3. Cochlear Implant Candidacy for Adults: https://www.acialliance.org/page/AdultCandidacy

Let us be your hearing solution resource!

Need help finding an audiologist or other hearing health professional? Unsure which hearing health option is right for you? Let us be a resource to you on your journey to hearing health.
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