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by Envoy Medical Staff Member, on November 23, 2018

Can you imagine having your cake and eating it too? That might be what you can expect with the Esteem® hearing implant. The Esteem® is a hearing solution that alleviates your hearing loss, but without the external device and without the hassles or frustrations of hearing aids – an all day, everyday hearing solution that works with you and your lifestyle.

If you’re curious about what to expect from the Esteem® procedure, you’re in luck. Here to share insight into the procedure is Dr. Jack Shohet, a neurotologist who has completed over 300 Esteem® cases, more than any other active surgeon in the U.S.

1.     What is the Esteem implant procedure like?

Surprising to some, the Esteem® implant procedure is actually an

 outpatient procedure, meaning patients come in and out of the office on the same day. The whole process takes only several hours - patients are administered general anesthesia, we place the implant components and then patients are free to go.

2.     Can you describe the average recovery process?

After the initial procedure, patients 

return either to me or their primary doctor for a quick follow up. The patients then wait about two months for the wound to heal before activating the Esteem® implant. The entire process is very quick. The best part is patients don’t have to come back to the office every two to seven months to repeat the process because the battery lasts five years on average and can last up to eight.

3.     How have your patients responded to hearing with Esteem?

Overall, most patients have had a positive experience with the implant and realize a significant improvement in not only their hearing, but in their overall lifestyle. The device is aptly called Esteem®. My patients with hearing loss tend to be withdrawn and isolated because it is difficult for them to be fully engaged in conversations and other social activities. When they can hear, I can sense their personalities changing. They become more extroverted and are more confident to participate in conversation. The device truly gives patients better esteem.

4.     Why should a patient consider Esteem over other hearing devices?

Esteem® is truly unique. It is the only totally implanted hearing device in the U.S., which means there are no external components. This feature allows for a significant improvement in overall lifestyle – patients don’t have to keep track of a device, worry about cleaning it or take anything off when they participate in activities such as swimming. Patients with Esteem® can enjoy life without having to even think about their implant.

Ready to move forward in your journey toward a better life? Get in touch to speak with an Esteem Counselor today.

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