Bone Conduction Devices
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Problems in your outer or middle ear can block or inhibit the flow of sound waves, preventing them from effectively resonating through your inner ear. A bone conduction hearing device is an alternative to hearing aids for people with these issues. While a hearing aid pushes sound through these problem areas, a bone conduction device transmits sound by bone vibration directly to the cochlea, circumventing the outer and the middle ear. This means it can be a solution to conductive and mixed hearing losses. A bone conduction hearing device relies on a working cochlea to send sound to the brain.

How does a bone conduction hearing device work?

A bone conduction hearing device has two components: an external component (the ‘processor’) and a surgically implanted fixture placed in the bone behind the ear. There are two types of bone conduction implants. The first is a fissure that protrudes through the skin so that the processor can adhere to it. The second is fully implanted under the skin, with the processor attached using a small magnet inside the processor.


Who are candidates for bone conduction devices?

A bone conduction hearing device may be considered when conventional hearing aids can’t be worn, (for example due to irritated or collapsed ear canals), or when a hearing aid is no longer an effective hearing solution.

What to expect from a bone conduction device

A bone conduction hearing device offers amplification without an ear mould in the ear. Therefore, they can be a more comfortable option if you experience discomfort or infections in your ear. Some people also report hearing more natural sounds than with conventional hearing aids. While they don’t restore normal hearing, they can make managing everyday situations easier.

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