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Here are a few questions you can come prepared to ask at your appointment:

Will the condition progress and if so, what can we do to be proactive?
Early detection is the key to prevention and so is continual monitoring. This will help you incorporate better hearing practices, new hearing technologies, and budget for future needs and follow up assessments.
Which hearing solutions are the best fit for my needs?
Open and honest communication with your hearing health professional will serve you best. Let them know about your home and work environments when guiding you to the best hearing solution for your condition. For example, the type of sports or instruments you like to play or instruments, and if you like to attend the theater or musical venues.
How can I be sure I selected the right solution?
With any hearing solution, you may find after trial and error that you need a different type. Adjustments will likely need to be made. For example, some manufacturers offer trial periods with hearing aids – contact us to learn more.
How about a warranty or insurance coverage?
This will depend upon the hearing solution you choose. We recommend reading the fine print on the product and getting homeowner’s insurance as an added measure of protection. Often the front desk staff are the best resource for help with insurance coverage, so you can start by asking them.
What happens during a hearing test?

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