"My quality of life has improved dramatically. I feel like a better mom with this implant,” said Andrea. "I can take my kids to the beach and feel safe. We can get in the water and I can hear the crispness of the waves crashing."

Mom gains confidence with Esteem®, competes for Mrs. America

Six generations ago, Andrea’s ancestors met at a deaf school and married each other. Andrea inherited a progressive form of sensorineural hearing loss and starting using hearing aids in college. Now a mother to two small children, she used to worry at night that she wouldn’t hear them if they woke up. “My life was pretty secluded and tough before I got the implant. I found myself staying home a lot and not going to social events, " she says.  With Esteem, Andrea feels like a better parent and a new confidence that enabled her to run for Mrs. Nebraska and Mrs. America.