"I don’t know it’s there it just doing its job, automatically, just like my ear does, automatically.”

Grandpa and business owner seizes independence with Esteem®

Gloyd’s hearing started to decline after returning from Vietnam and got progressively worse over time. Gloyd and his wife shared the impact his hearing loss had on their own relationship and his vocation as business owner.  As daily communications with clients became insurmountable, Gloyd began to require more of his wife’s help to function in his career causing him to feel dependent and frustrated.  After trying and losing several hearing aids, he felt his hearing had become too expensive to treat. “I was just going ahead and sacrificing my hearing and basically sacrificing our lifestyle”, says Gloyd.  After getting the Esteem he was able to communicate much more easily.

“This [the Esteem] has affected my work in great leaps, actually, because now I can hear clients talking and I can hear precisely what they are saying,” says  Gloyd.